Savanah Eyes is a brand of exclusive high-fashion sunglasses for women.

A celebration of femininity. Each model is a gorgeously balanced masterpiece of shape and color design.

Discover a range of style as infinite as the horizon in the African savanah.


Savanah Eyes is the brainchild of us - Gigi Tse and Achim Beisswanger

a Chinese / German couple with many years of high-end eyewear experience.

Although we were born in different cultural backgrounds, we became one complete and inseparable unit.

Savanah Eyes has been created by combining the best of East and West.

It is our statement, a proof that good things result when we join together, no matter where we come from. We are all one.

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    • 0755 2845 0205
    • +86 75528450205
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